The next hackathons

OCT 24-25, 2019

Big Bloom Lisbon

For the benefit of Girlmove, wich promotes women’s emancipation through training


NOV 25-26, 2019

Big Bloom Singapore

For Aidha , which trains house workers to manage their family budget


NOV 28-29, 2019

Big Bloom Marseille

For the benefit of La Table de Cana, a caterer which employs underprivileged staff


DEC 12-13, 2019

Big Bloom Paris

For the benefit of Label Emmaüs, the online store of the Emmaüs association


MARCH 12-13, 2020

Big Bloom Brussels

For the benefit of BXL refugees, a citizen platform for refugee support


MARCH 26-27, 2020

Big Bloom Geneva

For the benefit of Partage, the Geneva Food Bank


SOON, 2020

Big Bloom in your Town

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And many more to come

Would you like to offer your talents an innovative
and meaningful leadership training?

Big Bloom open hackathons are made for you !

For 2 days, 30 to 40 talents from several large companies work in inter-companies teams
to solve the strategic challenge of an association

A learning experience

Researches by the OECD and the World Economic Forum show that soft skills are now at the heart of business performance.
Each phase of Design Thinking is an oppryunity to work on one of the famous «4C» : participants are briefed by the coach and then apply his/her advice immediately.



1/ Critical Thinking

Listen actively
Beware of cognitive biases


2/ Creativity

Know the 5 golden rules
of creativity


3/ Cooperation

Manage your time efficiently
Know how to give and receive feedback


4/ Communication

Speak out with impact

Because it’s experiential

Pedagogical efficiency is significantly higher than traditional classroom training

Because it’s inter-companies

Participants open up and free themselves from the others’ gaze

Because it is for the benefit of an association

Participants are fully engaged, without second thought

Training path

Discovery of the association

Participants are invited to discover the premises of the association and its beneficiaries

D1 – D2

Participants are split into inter-companies teams

Each team is accompanied by a coach and a designer

Phone Coaching

Each participant has 45 minutes with his/her coach to translate the take-aways of the hackathon into perennial behaviors


A price eligible
for the training budget

This price covers the entire approach:
– Identification and support of the beneficiary association

– Hackathon animation team: 6 coaches, 5 designers, 1 cartoonist, 1 video maker

– Venue, catering

– Photos et video

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